Jason Phillips, CPA, CCIFP • Financial Manager

I joined the firm 2010, earned my CPA in 2013, and now work preparing financial statements for our clients. In the accounting fleld over eight years now, I have gained experience in public accounting serving companies in construction, health care, manufacturing, and commercial real estate. This breadth of experience has given me valuable insight for our clients. Past positions also led me to serve in a variety of staff accountant roles which gives me the real world view into the issues our clients face every day. I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2007 earning my B.S. degrees in Accounting and Finance.

I'm married to my wife, Stacy, since August 2011, and we have two adorable children: one daugher and one son. We all stay active in our community. Originally, I'm from Kansas City, Missouri, so you can imagine I am a barbecue enthusiast. I have a competitive streak too, so anytime you need fifth man for a basketball game, look me up.